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Weitz warns of CGI backlash

ChrisWeitz.jpgChris Weitz thinks that there will soon be a backlash against the CGI we see in films, or at least where the CGI is used to make up for a lack of story.

The BBC byline is quite misleading on the story though, it says:

"The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz has said film fans are "jaded" by too many special effects in movies."

Which is not what he says at all, and I would take point with that anyway, we're not jaded with CGI, are you? I'm certainly not lashing out at CGI films and ignoring them. Just because a film has CGI does not mean I'm going to purposely ignore it.

What Weitz actually says is that:

"Anytime you are using effects to make up for a lack of a story you are in trouble...Almost anything can be done in terms of manipulation of digital images, talking animals, flying things and great exploding things. think there will be a backlash against that sort of thing"

That makes much more sense. Chris Weitz goes on to say that he's really tried to put the humanity and spirit into the characters and CGI in His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, something that some CGI films seem to forget.

I don't think the backlash will happen against CGI films, in fact CGI will get better and stronger until there's a point where we can hardly tell them apart, but we won't turn our back on CGI, just films that have poor stories and rely on these alone don't you think?



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