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Will Fletch Won get dropped?

Fletch.jpgThere's a rumour going around that The Weinstein Company may have dropped the film Fletch Won from their release schedule. Now it could just be that it's on hold, but it could also be that it's dropped altogether, right now we don't know but the insider rumour goes something like this.

We already heard that Zach Braff has said no to taking the place of the great Chevy Chase as Fletch, and although Braff would look great in the role and carries the same superb comic style, I just don't think that this film could live up to the original, not in the current Hollywood climate of half arsed remakes anyway.

Clint over at Moviehole has heard the rumour from one of his trusty sources, although there's nothing more to confirm it as yet.

Word is Bill Lawrence has now been informed that “Fletch” is either on hold or isn’t something the studio are interested in pursuing at the moment.

It could well be the case that after the scare with Grindhouse that the Weinstein's are going to take it carefully for a while and try to recoup some of the huge losses they've had getting their fingers burned with Grindhouse. With their sure fire lead backing out to carry on his own career, perhaps they are worrying about getting stung again with Fletch Won? Remember though, this is a big rumour right now.



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