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Williams, Howard and Wood as Brontë sisters

BryceDallasHoward.jpgMichelle Williams, Bryce Dallas Howard and Evan Rachel Wood are going to be playing the Brontë sisters in a film simply called Brontë.

The film is being written by Angela Workman and directed by Charles Sturridge and it looks like some incredible casting with these three actresses lined up. Variety has a little about their past, and perhaps this is where the film will concentrate.

The Bronte sisters and their brother Branwell grew up in isolation on the Yorkshire moors and went on to write some of the most enduring novels in the canon of English literature...As children, they created epic fantasy worlds to entertain themselves, led by the charismatic Branwell, but when he descended into alcohol and opium abuse, the sisters had to find their own way in a world dominated by strict patriarchal conventions. This initially forced them to disguise their identities by publishing under male pseudonyms.

The lives of these incredibly talented and influential authors will make a great film, however I hope that Sturridge is looking to reality rather than the traditional costume drama fare. Still, with Michelle Williams, Bryce Dallas Howard and Evan Rachel Wood, wouldn't you be keen to see the film regardless?



Count me in. This is just my type of movie and the cast makes it even more appealing. Though I do have to join you in hoping the director deals with reality of the story.

Rich, there's no mention of Bryce Dallas Howard in the IMDb section, it's Nathalie Press playing the other Bronte sister.

Well this press release came from Variety, anyone can update IMDB, although Variety online has been known to make mistakes.


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