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Willis says Die Hard 4.0 is as hard as the rest

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgBruce Willis is saying that his previous comments about the PG-13 on Die Hard 4.0 aka Live Free or Die Hard were taken out of context and that he's not saying he's unhappy with the new film, in fact it is the opposite.

Previously we heard that Bruce Willis had said that he was disappointed that Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) wasn't receiving an R rating, although he wasn't saying that it was a bad film, just that the rating wasn't as strong. At the time I said that we didn't hear tone and intent, and that it sounded like he was trying to make a backhand apology after saying that the rating was low. Now it seems that he was taken out of context, and he's been in touch with AICN to tell them so.

He said that the Vanity fair article concentrated too much on the comments about the rating and that at the time he hadn't even seen the film. Now that he has he says that the film is as strong as the original, the swearing may be out but the action is not and it had him on the edge of his seat at least six times.

The story comes through Hollywood Elsewhere.

I could well believe that the lowered rating is about language, after all the rating system in the US is all over the place, but it also sounds like Willis just said what he was feeling at the moment and is trying to recover from it. You can imagine that when every thing you say is being taken down and used in the press you might be prone to the odd slip up. I know I would be.



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