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Willis unhappy Die Hard 4.0 is PG-13

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgOh dear, Bruce Willis has spoken out about Die Hard 4.0 aka Live Free or Die Hard and the fact that it has received a PG-13 for the film instead of an R rating, something the other films all were.

Bruce Willis isn't saying Die Hard 4.0 / Live Free or Die Hard is bad, but what he is saying is that he's disappointed that the film is going to be rated PG-13 and not R, and that he wanted this film to live up to the promise of the first, suggesting that it doesn't.

A reader wrote into AICN with the comments from Vanity Fair, here's what he says:

"In June's VANITY FAIR, it states that Bruce Willis was initially disappointed that his fourth DIE HARD film will likely be cut to get a PG-13 rating rather than an R. 'I really wanted this one to live up to the promise of the first one, which I always thought was the only really good one.' And he's not happy about it. 'That's a studio decision that is becoming more and more common, because they're trying to reach a broader audience. It seems almost a courageous move to give a picture an R rating these days. But we still made a pretty hardcore, smashmouth film.'"

Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. Of course we don't hear tone and intent in there, but reading it sounds like it's almost a backhand apology, trying to claw back some ground after saying that he's disappointed with the soft PG-13 rating.

Frankly I would be too. Ages ago didn't Willis talk about how he would only do this film if it would be as good as if not better than the original. I am sure I remember reading him talking about not damaging the franchise, etc, etc. I also remember him saying Hostage (Filmstalker review) was his last action film, but the lure of a strong Die Hard final to the series was just too good.

Well I do hold out some hope, like Vern at AICN, I do really want it to be good, but the fact it has been made child friendly is perhaps a tad worrying. Can a PG-13 Die Hard 4.0 be as good as the original? Why did the studio decide to make it teen friendly, do they really believe that the profits from that audience would outweigh the die hard Die Hard fans?




It's not confirmed that the movie has gotten a PG-13 rating. It may happen, but it's not a done deal. At this point the movie has not yet been rated.


I hope not. Would John McClane's favourite saying would probably be cut for a PG13 rating and I just can't see a Die Hard movie without the glorious "Yippee-ki-yay, motherf%cker"

If Die Hard is ever PG13, I will cry my eyes out! They will have ruined the best action franchise ever. Yippeekayay will definitely be in there (1 fbomb per pg13 movie?) - but we need a lot more McClane sass that doesn't exist in a PG13 world.


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