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Wilson says Dallas is dead

JREwing.jpgWhat has happened to the film Dallas? Frankly I'm happy it's not happening, although I must admit I had a curiousity that was just niggling away. It seems though it really has stalled and nothing is happening on it.

Luke Wilson has been speaking about his role in the proposed film and what appeared to go wrong, and nothing seems to have progressed since the previous stories of problems. Here's what I last wrote about the film:

...the script has been dumped and a completely different direction taken...Apparently filming is off until January so that Travolta can finish off Hairspray...

The cast had been dropped, director changed, the previous high rolling cast we had heard would be on board was all gone. Now we finally hear an inside comment from Luke Wilson who was set to star. From WENN through Starpulse News Blog:

"It fell apart in the casting. They had a few people lined up, like me and John Travolta and Shirley MacLaine. I've read with actresses and they had a script and a director...

...I think it was the big budget and the cast that complicated matters. It just got too complicated. If they could get it up and running again, great, but it seems to have run its course for the moment."

Interestingly IMDB, as unreliable as it can be, states that new cast, investors and distributors are being looked for as the new script is worked on...wow, that's just about everything!

I don't know, although I'm feeling that there's no loss here I do feel like it would be interesting to see a big budget version of the eighties TV series. Sounds like it might be deader than dead at the moment though. Would you want to see Dallas come back to life?



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