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Win Déjà Vu on Blu-ray

DejaVu-BluRay.jpgI've seen two Blu-ray films so far, Casino Royale and Déjà Vu, and both of them have looked and sounded superb. Now I've been given three copies of Déjà Vu on Blu-ray to give away.

This marks the start of a good few Blu-ray competitions (if the marketing company are kind to us) and so for all those of you out there with a Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3, this competition is most definitely for you.

The film sees Denzel Washington as ATF agent Doug Carlin, investigating the bombing of a New Orleans ferry filled with US Navy personnel and families. While investigating the event Carlin is approached by FBI agent Pryzwarra, played by Val Kilmer, who has a device that can allow the to see four days into the past. He wants Carlin to join the team to help them discover who was responsible.

Carlin sets them on the trail of a young woman who was murdered near the scene, yet there's something more to this than meets the eye, and Carlin is working it out fast.

It's an exciting, stylish and visually rich film from Tony Scott, and carries an impressive cast. On Blu-ray the action looks even better and comes with some interesting extras.

Interested in winning a free copy? I have three to give away, read on for how to win one.

This competition is closed
This competition is closed

In addition to the film itself the audio tracks are DTS and DD with an added uncompressed option for the latest audio systems, and the extras include a great commentary that freezes the film at key scenes and pops behind the film to give you some on set insight. Not only that but the picture is full 1080p high definition.

Before you enter though, just remember that this will not play on standard DVD players, you will need a specific Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3. Oh, and this is open to UK residents only as I have to pay the postage myself and the discs are region 2.

Okay, here's the question. It's pretty simple, and if you need some help head over to the Blu-ray Disc official site, they have some very helpful FAQ's. So, here is the question...

Simply name three features of Blu-ray that set it apart from other DVD's.

As usual I need your name and postal address, the answer to the question, and where you heard about Filmstalker and the competition. Then just email them to me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk.

Stunningly easy isn't it? As usual I'll hold onto your details until the end of the competition when I'll let you know if you've won or not. Your details will absolutely not be given to anyone at all.

Remember that there are three discs to win, that's three winners, and the closing date is Friday the 8th of June 2007. Good luck!

This competition is closed



gimme gimme gimme. oh dear, here comes my "i like free stuff" red mist. Everyone loves free stuff? don't they?

Yep, absolutely Pablo. Anyone that says otherwise is a dirty rotten liar. ;)

Love the promo poster Richard.


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