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Win The Outer Limits complete first series on DVD

TheOuterLimits.jpgIt's competition time at Filmstalker, and this one is a pretty cool prize.

You can win the first series (or season) of the television show The Outer Limits, that's the new series not the original.

I'm just working my way through them all to review them and after watching almost all of them I can definitely say they are still pretty thought provoking and spooky. Here's some official blurb about the show:

The complete first season of The Outer Limits, the wildly original and widely acclaimed sci-fi series is finally coming to DVD! Inspired by the 1960s series of the same name, The Outer Limits has continued to entertain and intrigue across generations and is released on 30th April 2007 by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

There's some big names in the shows to, Alyssa Milano, Ryan Reynolds, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Rebecca De Mornay and Robert Patrick all star, as well as plenty of other faces you'll recognise.

This prize is a nice six disc edition that contains all twenty one episodes and some featurettes. The box set usually retails for £39.99, but you can win it for free.

This competition is closed
This competition is closed

To be in with a chance of winning this boxset (many thanks to James!), you first have to be resident in the UK, and then just answer the following, very simple question...

Why do you like Filmstalker?

It's easy isn't it? Just email me with a reason why you visit Filmstalker. It's that simple, and there's no winning answer. The winner will be drawn randomly from the entries.

Please be aware that the quote might be displayed on the site at a later date and as such will become the property of Filmstalker. Closing date for the competition is the 18th of May 2007.

As usual I need your name and postal address, and email them to me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk along with your answer and the name you'd like to be seen with the quote if it is used on the site.

Good luck!

Update: If you've already sent in an entry it might be worth sending it in again...I'm just concerned I might have lost a couple that day I lost all my email.

This competition is closed



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