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Winterbottom's five year film

MichaelWinterbottom.jpgMichael Winterbottom is beginning a film that is expected to take five years to film, strangely it's called Seven Days.

The story will be filmed a few weeks at a time over a five year period, and will follow a man serving a five year prison term for drug smuggling. It stars John Simm as the man in jail and Shirley Henderson as his wife. According to Variety the film will follow their relationship over the five years and how he relates to his children.

It's going to be interesting seeing the real passage of time on these actors and if that comes across on the film. I'm not really sure that five years is enough to show any change in the leads, but it could be with the children depending on their age at the start of filming.

Apart from that I'm not really sure how the five year period is going to affect filming, I don't really see life around them changing that dramatically, but it could I suppose.

Is this something that would take your interest in a film enough to get you into the cinema, or is it more Michael Winterbottom's reputation and the story itself?



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