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Witherspoon produces high school murder film

ReeseWitherspoon.jpgReese Witherspoon is really taking on some great projects these days. Her production company is now developing a film called Under the Bridge which is based on a true story of high school murder.

The film comes from the book by Rebecca Godfrey who returned to the small British Columbia town she grew up in to investigate the murder of high school student Reena Virk in 1977. Eight other students were charged with the murder, and Godfrey interviewed them, investigated the life of the students of the school, as well as revealing the story of Virk who was the daughter of Indian immigrants. Two of the students were convicted of the murder

In 2005, according to Variety, Catherine Hardwicke who directed Thirteen is set to direct Under the Bridge, but it is not yet known if Reese Witherspoon will star. Frankly I think it would be a great role for her as the journalist and she could really bring a strength and conviction to it.

It sounds a strong story to tell, and seems even more relevant now in so many different ways. The story of Reena Virk is a tragic one, and the events of her murder even more so. Initially seven females and one male were bullying and, according to the Wikipedia article, beating her. However it was the male and one other female who were the ones who administered an additional beating which murdered her.

I really can't see Witherspoon passing up a role in this true life film, especially if it is going to keep true to the events and try to give out a strong, positive message.



I have mixed feelings about this. The Virk story shook BC and living so close to the events, seeing it in the news every day for years and then wading through the court case was not a pleasant thing for locals. Though I'm curious to see how it turns out and I think there is a good message to come out of it, it stings a little that it's based on something that occurred to close by.


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