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Writer for Nakata's Entity remake

TheEntity.jpgA long time ago I wrote about how Hideo Nakata had been lined up for a number of Hollywood remakes, including The Eye and The Entity. Well we knew he was off The Eye, but it looks like he's been kept on for The Entity remake as it finally gains a writer and moves forward.

According to Moviehole Amy Holden Jones has been signed up to rewrite the story of a woman who is terrorised and repeatedly molested by an unseen spirit. The film is horrifyingly based on alleged events, and the 1981 film is adapted by Frank De Felitta from his own novel and directed by Sidney J. Furie.

I remember seeing the original film, and knowing that it was based on true events, and as always that made it even more chilling. That was offset against my teenage attraction towards the naked and gorgeous Barbara Hershey who starred in the original.

The original story comes from the claims of Carlotta Moran who claimed to have been assualted by an invisible being for a very long time, however the film does increase both the intensity and amount of the attacks over the those that are alleged to have taken place. Still, it is frightening enough to find that it is based on fact.

Interestingly Frank De Felitta also wrote Audrey Rose, another story that turned into a horror film which starred Anthony Hopkins.

The first Entity film wasn't well received as it over sexualised the incidents, making them attractive to teenage men like myself! However it'll be interesting to see how Hideo Nakata treats the material and if Amy Holden Jones takes the source material and together strip the story back to the original one.

Holden wrote the screenplays for Mystic Pizza, Indecent Proposal, The Getaway, The Relic and a bunch of Beethoven's, yes the dog films. So there's a mixed bag in there and so I'm really not sure which way this will turn. I'm hoping that Nakata and the source material will push this in the right direction.



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