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Writer/Director talks Point Break 2

PointBreak.jpgCould there possibly be a Point Break 2 that didn't go straight to DVD and infuriate fans of the original? Well the writer of Point Break, Peter Iliff seems to think so, and he's writing the story for it.

He says that the sequel is going to be set in Asia and that he'll be directing the film, but he's assuring fans it will be alright.

"There was some worry that re-visiting the characters I wrote back in 1987 would infuriate fans of the original chapter...I would like to return to Point Break because it represents my career coming full circle. The original was the first movie I ever wrote, the sequel would be my first ever directorial effort.

That's the quote from Channel News Asia through Moviehole.

The sequel will follow the trail of Bodhi, the character played by Patrick Swayze in Point Break, as he hides out from the authorities in south east Asia. Most of the surfing action looks set to take place in Indonesia with Singapore and Thailand as possible locations. No real surprise there since the Singapore based company RGM Films are producing at a cost of around US$30 million.

Can you see a sequel working, and is there a chance that Patrick Swayze might return to the role? Maybe even Keanu Reeves? We can but hope.



All I can think of right now is Hot Fuzz after you mentioned Point Break. :P


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