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1408 has two endings

JohnCusack.jpgThere's news out about the DVD offering for 1408 already, and word has slipped out about a double ending for the DVD release.

One of the stars of the film, Mary McCormack, slipped up in a recent interview and revealed that there have been two endings filmed. Director Mikael Håfström also reveals that the other ending was much more downbeat than the cinema released one, something that usually raises alarm bells, but in this case it might not be the all happy Hollywood ending.

The news from Bloody Disgusting is that not only will the DVD have the dual endings but also numerous deleted scenes.

I'm quite excited about seeing 1408, it could be a very strong film, especially with Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack starring, and I really do like Håfström's directing style. I'm intrigued, and hoping that this does turn out to be a return to the cinema for Stephen King.



ther is a dvd copy out already!! you can download it at ares.com

There is indeed two endings and me and my good lady wife have had the pleasure of seeing them both, and we have to say that we prefer the English ending as opposed to the American one, it makes much more sense and pulls more at the whole idea of what the charactor of the movie was actually searching for... Youll know what I mean when you see them both!!!!


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