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28 Weeks Later the last in the series?

28WeeksLater.jpgThere's some sketchy rumour out about the future of the 28…Later franchise, and it doesn't look good.

Although no one has never really expected a franchise from the series we've seen the original, 28 Days Later, greeted by an excellently well plotted follow-up, 28 Weeks Later.

It seems though that Fox Atomic have no plans to continue with the series and it seems that 28 Years Later is a definite no, something that was in the original plan, and that 28 Months Later will only be thought of if the DVD sales kick start the franchise.

The story from Bloody Disgusting does seem as though it is one of those roundabout marketing stories, but it could actually be true as well. The company isn't going to invest in a series where the latest episode hasn't done well, and it looks as though their investment in horror films is slipping as Fox Atomic only invest in the remake of The Entity by Hideo Nakata.

Is this the end of horror production with the company? Especially after they've had a few not so well received films? Is there room for another 28…Later film? What could possibly be the plot this time?



I'm hoping there will be another "28...Later" film. I've liked the franchise so far and it's one that seems to be working well.


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