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30 Days of Night trailer online

30DaysofNight.jpgThe trailer for 30 Days of Night is online and in a great HD format too. The film is adapted from the graphic novel about a group of strangers appearing in the Alaskan town of Barrow, just as they are plunged into a month of darkness. The strangers are, of course, vampires, and they are set to have a feast. The residents have a month to survive.

Danny Huston, Ben Foster, Melissa George and Josh Hartnett star in the film which is directed by David Slade and written by Steve Niles (one of the authors of the comic), Brian Nelson and Stuart Beattie. Slade directed Hard Candy (Filmstalker review) and Beattie has a string of major hits behind him from the gritty Collateral to the lighter Pirates series. Crack that little mixture together and with the source material added in I think this could be a bit of a corker.

You can see the trailer for 30 Days of Night over at IGN [QT:WM] in various sizes and formats, including HD, through Bloody Disgusting.

What do you think then? I was pretty taken by it, and that's an understatement. It looks incredibly stylish, the filming is superb with the look of the snow and dark skies, and the editing in the trailer is spot on. We never see too much of the creatures and the story is never taken over by effects but feels broody, slow, and held close to the characters. Plus it looks scary as hell.

This is going on the most anticipated list.



I'm anxious to see what that new film format looks like. I remember reading they used film that's capable of shooting in practically pitch black and still look good.

Yeah I've just been searching for the details but can't find them, I remember reading about that at the beginning.

It looks wonderful for it, without a doubt. It would be interesting to see which clips had been taken with that new camera - I suspect the moment the police jeep rounds the bend in the snow was.

I thought the comic book was great but didn't have high hopes for the film until I heard David Slade was directing. He did such a fantastic job (two people in a room talking for nearly 90 minutes is hard to make visually interesting!) on "Hard Candy" that I'm very keen to see his next film.


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