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Aardman announces Wallace & Gromit free slate

WallaceandGromit.jpgAardman have made some announcements about their upcoming slate and the most disappointing news is that there is no Wallace and Gromit to be seen.

The projects lined up include The Cat Burglars written by Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, who co-wrote the hugely successful television show Life on Mars, and directed by Steve Box who co-directed the excellent Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (Filmstalker review). The film will be a comedy heist about stray cats who steal milk and will feature the classic claymation from Nick Park. Apparently this will have the style of the Ocean's films to it, and Aardman are quoted in Variety as saying that this will be family-friendly Tarantino. Now that boggles the mind indeed.

Another project is a comedy adventure based on a series of books by Gideon Defoe called Pirates (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). This is currently being adapted by Defoe, Peter Lord, Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil, with Lord set to direct.

Peter Baynham, one of the writers of the Borat film, has been signed for Operation Rudolph, a film which will portray Santa's Christmas work as a precision military operation carried out with high-tech tools and on a huge scale. The elves are to become combat elves, and the film will show how Santa really gets round the entire world in one evening.

There's another project on the go which Nick Park himself is developing, however this seems to be on the quiet so far and there are no details to be had. It's not, we're told, a Wallace and Gromit film though.

I'm really glad that Aardman have a full slate and are working away on projects. I think it was a huge mistake by DreamWorks to let them go, but it does look like they are on top of things again with Sony. I just wish there was a Wallace and Gromit film in there, well there may be yet.



Oy Rich, you've posted this article twice buddy. ;)

Aardman sound back on form. Some really nice projects there by the sounds of things.


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