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Abrams on home video monster film

JJAbrams.jpgThere's rumour going around that J.J. Abrams is out to make a monster film that is going to utilise one of the spookiest tricks in the filmmakers book, using handheld cameras.

It's something that I've seen time and time again and works so well, the two best examples are the Alien shot at the party in Signs and the figure emerging from the church doorway in Prince of Darkness. Both were simple home video shots, and both were very spooky.

Well the word from AICN through Bloody Disgusting is that J.J. Abrams is set to make a small film called Cloverfield, which is also being referred to as The Parasite by people in the know.

Although there's not much more known at the moment it does sound an interesting project as the entire film will be shot by home video cameras, as though people themselves were capturing the attacks as they happened. The film will apparently take place in New York.



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