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Alien vs Predator 2 concentrates on the stars

AlienvsPredator.jpgSteven Pasquale, a star of the Alien vs Predator 2, has been talking about the film and reassuring the fans that the new film will be true to the creatures of the title.

According to his comments the film is going to be a lot scarier

"I think it's going to be really fun. [Directors] Colin and Greg Strause really know what they're doing in terms of a sort of true-blue monster movie."

Steven Pasquale will play a convict who returns to his home town in Colorado to find that the Aliens and Predators are fighting in his town, for one night only! No, I added that but in.

In the MTV Movies Blog story he goes on to say that the story of Alien vs Predator 2 concentrates on them trying to get out of the town and to safety, and the creatures fighting each other to the death.

He also hints at some big surprise secret in the film, well he would wouldn't he, there's got tot be a hook to drag us in.



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