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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane superb horror trailer

LoveMandyLane.jpgAll the Boys Love Mandy Lane sounds a strange title for a film, but that's the name of the latest horror entering the realm of the slasher genre, and the new trailer online makes it look superb and much more than that poor label.

There's a certain feeling I get from the trailer that seems to merge two different sides to a film in this genre. First there's the seventies feel that it carries, and not in a cheesy old film way but in a very stylish way, much like Backwoods (Filmstalker review) did.

Then there's the element of modern horror, with full on shocks giving a strong sense of reality, and again, plenty of style in the filming. Combine these two and it looks like you have a superb film to hand.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane tells the story of the Mandy Lane, played by Amber Heard, the much sought after girl at school, sought after but never obtained. A group of kids invite her to a weekend party in a secluded ranch, and while the party raves on the party goers are murdered one by one.

Yes, it does sound typical, however believe me when I say you need to watch the trailer to see just how different it really is.

You can see that trailer over at Empire [QT:WM:RP:L:M:H].

Now you've watched it, what do you think of it? I do believe it will bring us something new to the genre. It's already set to look good.



Too bad the film stinks. It's really bad in a over-stylized, nothing new to add, all characters are paper thin kind of way. I caught this last September at TIFF and it was the worst Midnight Madness film of the bunch, but the rest of the crowd seemed to eat it up, so what do I know?


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