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American Idol star goes dark

KatharineMcPhee.jpgKatharine McPhee was a runner up in American Idol, so I'm told, and rather than heading straight into a recording contract, she's starting her film career, and with a dark independent film no less.

The Last Caller is described as a dark, romantic comedy by Michael Albanese. According to Yahoo News the story is about a self-obsessed woman who is searching for love and meaning during random events with other like-minded people.

She says that this is the first script she read and wanted, and there's no singing in the role at all. She had a few offers for other roles on her plate but this one was the only lead role.

Well there's always an amount of scepticism when you read that some star is heading off from singing to acting, but we could give her a chance, after all she's hardly had a big singing career, maybe the swap is in her.

However I'm always dubious when I hear things like "dark" and "edgy" combined with the words "romantic comedy", it usually doesn't hold true or sit right.

So if you saw the American Idol series can you say if she would look good on the big screen? Was she natural and relaxed in front of the camera? More importantly would you pay to see her in a film? Okay I've just seen the photos during an image search, oh yes.



Thanks for the article but to correct one thing for you, she actually does have an album out already!

Yeah, thanks for the correction, I did notice that...I meant more of a recording career than a single album.

"More importantly would you pay to see her in a film?"

The first thing I thought when I saw her on AI5 was "She may not win this, but I'd definitely go see her in a movie!"

Wasn't she also rumored to be cast as Wonder Woman?

I can't stand AI, but my favorite morning radio show loved Katherine and had her on a few times. She seems like a nice girl, who is down to earth. If I remember correctly she was involved in theater in high school, so she's not a complete stranger to acting. She looks good on camera, definitely. She also is starting with an independant film, which I think is a very smart move if she wants to try an acting career.

this sounds good


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