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Aniston produces prison Country and Western film

JenniferAniston.jpgJennifer Aniston is to produce a film about a musical group born out of a 1940's all women prison. There's even the suggestion she may star.

Goree Girls is the story of eight woman who are in prison during the 1940's at Texas' Goree Prison and manage to get together to form one of the first all-female Country and Western groups in the US. The story was written about in an article in Texas Monthly called O Sister Where Art Thou, and that caught the eye of the production teams.

Surprisingly DreamWorks have a hand in this one, and so far Jennifer Aniston is just producing along with Kirstin Hahn. Although there's no word of her acting in the film as yet, Yahoo News suggest that she may well yet.

You know, I'm always disappointed that she never followed up her excellent performance in Derailed (Filmstalker review) with other strong dramatic performances, and instead went onto comic roles that continued to milk off of her comedic life in Friends. So I for one would love to see her turn to something even slightly more dramatic, so if it has to be this then so be it.



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