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Another Sammy Davis Jr.?

.jpgAs usual it's really difficult to know what comments are actors trying to position themselves in the media for roles and what comments are for real, but the latest from Hairspray star Elijah Kelley is that he is in talks for a role as Sammy Davis Jr.

We heard that Andre Benjamin, aka Andre 3000, is on for one of the roles up for grabs, I say one because there are four reported films being made about the great entertainer from various periods of his life.

Elijah Kelley is currently starring in Hairspray and is seen singing and dancing like mad, so he's quite well suited to the part, and over at MTV Movies Blog he's been talking about being in talks for the role of Sammy Davis Jr. too.

He said that there are talks about it ongoing, however this doesn't pitch him directly against Benjamin because there possibly four films in early development right now, so he could be in talks for any one of them.

I hope they all come to the big screen, and this promotes more Rat Pack films. I've not seen Kelley in Hairspray, or any other role, but from all accounts he has the talent. Is he just positioning himself for the role or is he really in talks for one of the films?



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