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Apple to offer online film rentals?

iPod.jpgWord is that Apple is in talks with major Hollywood studios to offer an online rental service for films. Although Apple are of course denying it.

Back in September of last year Apple started offering films to purchase and download, and this seems a logical extension of the offering, something that other companies are already offering but that Apple are expected to take to a higher level and customer base.

The story from the Financial Times through Download Squad has the downloads priced at $2.99 for a 30-day rental.

According to the story the proprietry software would ensure that the film can be watched on the download computer itself and one other device, most likely restricted to i-products only though.

Apple have declined to comment as yet, but it seems a logical move for them, and they would be rivalling Amazon's Unbox service, something they would relish no doubt.

Rentals to your iPod, something you would take up?



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