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Argento's La Terza Madre (Mother of Tears) pictures online

DarioArgento.jpgDario Argento's The Mother of Tears (La Terza Madre) has had some very graphic pictures released online, and I have to say that this film looks like it is going to be genuinely frightening, especially in a gory kind of way.

Although some of the images of witches look a bit twee and seventies, the majority of the shots look promising. It does look as though we're in for a big treat with this film, and the shots of the creature and the poor mutilated woman are pretty gory.

Have a look and see what you think. You can see the shots over at occhisulcinema.it through ShockTillYouDrop and HorrorMovies.ca.

You can also see the previous teaser shot from Cannes right here.

La Terza Madre looks to be an interesting film for both Dario Argento fans and modern horror fans alike. It certainly looks to be gruesome enough.



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