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Back after a surprise bandwidth loss

Welcome back! If you hadn't realised the site was down for a few hours this afternoon. Neither myself nor the hosting company realised. I didn't notice because just the other night it was sitting at a nice 75% used.

However something seems to have eaten a huge chunk of bandwidth in a very short period of time and gone over my limit by some 24Gb! Hopefully its all new readers!

We're having a look into it just now, so I'll keep you updated. Hopefully this won't hit the readers too much and you'll be coming back now Filmstalker is live again.



Your service provider seems far more efficient at recifying these things compared to mine. :)

I have to say Ram that the guys at Webattention are great. Okay, I do pay more than the ultra-cheap US offerings, and I don't get silly amounts of bandwidth, space, etc. However I do get fantastic responses, very proactive support, and great one to one attention.

Looks like I'm going to move packages again though, and I'm paying more and more for the site and still not receiving enough to cover it.

Richard I use a webhost in the US. I have unlimited bandwith and their service is second to none. I have sent alot of folks who run monster sites to them and they have all been happy with the price and service. If interested shoot me an email.

This is actually good news ain't it? ;)


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