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Bank Job details revealed

JasonStatham.jpgThere are some new details online for the film Bank Job starring Jason Statham, the film based on the true life bank robbery of 1971 called the Baker Street robbery.

In the real events robbers tunneled into the vault of a high class branch of Lloyds Bank and stole around £5 million in cash and valuables. Neither the cash nor the criminals were ever recovered, and in true conspiracy style there was a gag order placed on the press at the time.

The Producers of The Bank Job reveal what the film alleges the real task of the robbery was, the theft of some specific documents being held in the vault, compromising photographs of Princess Margaret which were being held there by a well known criminal. Steve Chasman, the film's Producer, reveals that those perpetrating the robbery weren't even criminals:

"What happened in the film is that the raid on Lloyds was set up by MI5 (Britain's counter-intelligence and security agency)...They knew a box with those pictures was inside the vaults."

No answer is given as to what these photographs were, but the story from WorstPreviews, with no source given, does sound as though it's going to make an interesting film. Conspiracy theories always make for great films.



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