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Battlestar Galactica film being denied?

BattlestarGalactica.jpgIt wasn't that long ago that moves for a Battlestar Galactica film were announced, that is for a film based on the new series. However it seems that might be in doubt since the creators of the original series might not let them do it.

Apparently Glen A. Larson, one of the original series creators, isn't a fan of the new series of Battlestar Galactica - how that could be I don't know since the new series is unbelievably good - so much so that he's blocking the move to make a new film.

According to IESB through Josh at CinemaBlend, they had some time behind the scenes of the show and asked the all important question about the film.

Although there's no direct quote, IESB are reporting that David Eick, one of the new series producers, said they had "extended an olive branch to Glen Larson" in the hope that he will say yes and they can make a film version.

IESB are attributing the change of the direct to DVD film Galactica: Razor to a two part TV episode released first on TV down to Larson, apparently he still has that much control over the series.

Frankly, if he says no, he would be mad. No one wants to see an original series film now that the TV series has produced something so good. In fact most of us are wishing that the series wasn't ending. Did Larson have something to do with that too? Regardless, if this is true, how could he be so short sighted as to not want one of the best remakes of a television series to go onto film?



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