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Blair Witch prequel and sequel ideas

BlairWitch.jpgSome time ago we heard about the idea of a Blair Witch prequel, but there's been no drive to get it made outside of the original filmmakers. In an interview about his new film Believers, Daniel Myrick talks about the idea they have for the prequel as well as a sequel.

Believers is about a religious sect who are planning on bringing about the end of the world, the final step in which seems to involve killing themselves, as any good religious sect won't tell you on sign up. The story sees two paramedics responding to an emergency call who are then kidnapped when they arrive at the alleged accident scene, and they find themselves caught up with this crazy group.

Of the Blair Witch story Daniel Myrick says that Lionsgate has the rights to the films and when they decide they want to make it they'll be ready with their ideas. Bloody Disgusting have his comments on the prequel:

"...our idea for the prequel isn’t realizing any manifestation of the witch itself, it just delves into the mythology of the witch itself. How the legend got started, and arguably whether it was true or not..."

He doesn't really go into how any sequel would work, I would assume that there's another group turn up in the woods to go hunting for the witch and get killed off one by one. However he does have some interesting thoughts on what makes horror work.

"I think it’s important to always maintain that ambiguity, whether the legend is a supernatural force in the woods, or if it is all in people’s minds...When I was growing up, there were always gore movies, and certain people like that sort of thing. Personally, I am not a big fan of it because I don’t find it that scary, I just find it uncomfortable."

For some reason he talks about the totally unscary bigfoot, however we'll just pass over that one and walk on!



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