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Broadbent doesn't replace Elliot in Indy IV

JimBroadbent.jpgJim Broadbent will cameo in Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods or Indiana Jones IV. However it seems that he won't be taking over the Doctor Marcus Brody character that Denholm Elliot made his own.

The cast is looking good for the new Indiana Jones film, and with the addition of Jim Broadbent it's even better. He is a great English actor who really does compare with Denholm Elliot, but I really am glad that they aren't planning on moving him straight into that role, or so it seems anyway.

In an interview which was caught over at BritFilms he let slip that he would have the cameo and that he would be playing a Professor at Yale University. It was suggested that he could be the new Brody character, and it appears that this suggestion came from a journalist. His response was:

"That would do for me (laughs)"

So I think it's fair to say that he won't be stepping into the role, and after all there would be no need to. Doing that would cheapen the original character and the story itself, so it makes sence for him to be a new character.

The film is garnering a great cast, with Ray Winstone, Cate Blanchett and John Hurt confirmed...yes there are some other actors in there too, but these are the real names, come on.

However I still can't bring myself to be too excited about it all, I felt that a long time ago when it was first announced but that's been drummed out of me with the scripts going round and round and the rumours being leaked out. Some decisions have been good though, no father in the script, the whole young Indy tie in sounds good, but Area 51 and Nazi's, and an aging Harrison Ford? I'm not so sure.



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