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Bruce Campbell not in Bubba Ho-tep sequel?

BubbaHo-Tep_Poster.jpgThis could be very upsetting news for fans of Bubba Ho-tep, but according to reports Bruce Campbell might well be out of the sequel Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires.

According to an anonymous source who attended a screening of My Name is Bruce, Bruce Campbell was taking part in a Q&A session and he himself said that he would not be involved in the film.

The anonymous source emailed AICN with a review of the film My Name is Bruce and recounted the Q&A comment. The story was found through Bloody Disgusting

I think this is atrocious news. The first film, Bubba Ho-tep, is all about two characters and nothing else, that of Bruce Campbell's Elvis and Ossie Davis' Jack. Even though Davis was very strong in the role, it was Campbell's Elvis that stole it and carried through the excellent story, and not just that of the mummy, but of how we treat old people, and how they think of themselves.

Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires just won't work without Campbell and his Elvis, full stop. It would be a totally different film, and it could well be a disaster.



Not b****y likely!

For one, he's just not involved right now. For two, this movie will NOT happen without Bruce. Because that is all the movie has going for it really. Nobody would care about it if Bruce wasn't in it.

WHAT!? Thanks for ruining my day. I'll believe this when I see it.

I'm quite dubious about this too. I agree Campbell and the character are the film, especially now without Davis.

Still, it's really strange that he would say something like that.

This movie has to be:
directed by Don Coscarelli
starring Bruce Campbell
scored by Brian Tyler

If it isn't, then it will be a let down. The reason the first movie worked, is the combined magic of these three interacting. Ossie Davis should also be noted for his remarkable performance.

My sister just saw this recently and enjoyed it very much, I said it was Richard's non-stop praise for the film that made me buy the DVD.


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