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Cameron Diaz joins The Box

CameronDiaz.jpgCameron Diaz is joining The Box, the horror film based on Richard Matheson's short story Button, Button, and to be directed by Richard Kelly.

The talents, and I mean acting, of Cameron Diaz do lend weight to the film, but the PG-13 rating that The Box is aiming for promises more thriller than horror.

Cameron Diaz is to play a woman who is given the box by a stranger, she is told that certain things will happen depending on which buttons she presses. Some of the presses have dire consequences.

Richard Kelly says, through Variety:

"My hope is to make a film that is incredibly suspenseful and broadly commercial, while still retaining my artistic sensibility"

This sounds like a huge compromise that might not work, Kelly would need a fair amount of box office weight behind him in order to be able retain his own vision, and I'm not sure if he really has that yet. Perhaps this will be a much bigger task than he thought. Good luck to him though, I hope he can keep the producers at bay, he's had loads of practice on that front.

Still, Kelly directing Cameron Diaz in a PG-13 "horror", I'm hopeful.



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