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Campbell to direct Unstoppable train

MartinCampbell.jpgMartin Campbell is negotiating to helm the film Unstoppable, a film about a runaway train that is carrying toxic chemicals.

Now I'm always warning people about making rash comparisons based on just a one or two line blurb of a film, but I still do them myself, all I mean is that you shouldn't write off a film just based on that alone.

However thinking of that blurb I'm drawn to comparisons of the series of travel disaster films we went through in the seventies and eighties, Cassandra Crossing leaps to mind, films that inspired spoofs such as Airplane and The Big Bus.

Still, I'm not even trying to suggest that Martin Campbell will come up with a film like that, especially since Variety tell us that the film is coming from a script by Mark Bomback, the man who wrote Live Free or Die Hard, aka Die Hard 4.0 and also The Tourist.

The story is also a bit more complex than the initial blurb, it has a second train chasing the first which has an Engineer and Conductor onboard. They are racing against time to try and stop the train from derailing on an upcoming curve which would cause a major chemical accident that could destroy the local town.

So it isn't going to turn out like those older disaster films, but still there's a hint there. With Campbell's sense of action as well as a promising scriptwriter behind it, I think we might find something strong here.



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