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Caruso and LaBeouf return for Eagle Eye

ShiaLaBeouf.jpgShia LaBeouf and D.J. Caruso are looking as though they are going to team up again after Disturbia, something that is quite unexpected considering what was first thought when that film was talked about.

Let's face it, Disturbia is a remake of Hitchcock's Rear Window, and the thought of that in a sea of hapless remakes is quite depressing. However the word is that they've really turned it around and given it something new. To quote Hollywood, this really is a reimagining that's worked.

Mind you, it helps a ton that D.J. Caruso is behind the film, he's got bags of talent, and that David Morse is on board. Of course not to leave out Shia LaBeouf himself or the talents of Carrie-Anne Moss.

So according to Variety, LaBeouf is in talks to star in Eagle Eye, a film about a man who returns home after his overachieving brother dies mysteriously. When he gets there both he and a single mother are tied in with terrorists and they are forced to become members of a terrorist cell with plans to assassinate a leading politician.

Steven Spielberg was originally lined up to direct the script from Dan McDermott, but with his time on Indiana Jones IV he's passed the job to Caruso, and what a great choice too.

I'm really interested to see Disturbia as well as to hear how this project develops. Caruso is a superb talent for creating thrillers and real life action, and I'm starting to think that LaBeouf is rising to the top of his profession faster than we expected.



... I mean, is LaBeouf even any good? :\

Actually, Disturbia was surprisingly good mostly because of LaBeouf. Call it low expectations because I didn't want to see it, but I was pleasantly surprised. The first 10 minutes was incredible and completely unexpected. My biggest complaint would be that they got Moss and didn't take advantage of it. She's barely in the movie.


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