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Castro, FBI, CIA and gangsters in Americano tale

FidelCastro.jpgSomeone mentioned in the comments how much story there is in the US-Cuban Fidel Castro history, and lo and behold, here comes a film adaptation of Aran Shetterly's novel The Americano: Fighting for Freedom in Castro's Cuba, an Untold Story (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The book follows the true story of William Morgan, an American with gangster and CIA connections who headed to Cuba in the 1950's and rose to command the legendary Cuban group called the Tigers of the Jungle. He was a very recognisable figure, since he as blond and carried a gold plated pistol. Later in his life he was pulled into the conflicts amongst Fidel Castro, U.S. mobsters and the FBI, and eventually turned against Castro after he took the country into Communism. This resulted in his execution in 1961.

That's a potted history of the very interesting life of an intriguing character in what promises to be an interesting film. The only problem is there just might be too much to try and get into one film.

Variety are reporting that Mark Bailey is writing the script and Robert Schwentke is set to direct.

Robert Schwentke would best be known for Flightplan (Filmstalker review) or Tattoo.



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