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Children of the Lamp, another children's fantasy

ChildrenoftheLamp.jpgDreamWorks are set to bring another children's fantasy series to the big screen. This one is to be based on the novels of P.B. Kerr and his Children of the Lamp series.

The story throughout the series is about a family of genies, or djinn, who pass for human and have the power to grant wishes. Hence Children of the Lamp.

According to Variety Lee Hall will adapt the books for the screen, having already had past success with the British television series Wind in the Willows and Billy Elliot.

Well I do think that Hollywood has a big pack mentality. They see one film in production and leap on the bandwagon, be it videogames, children's fantasy series, whatever, they do tend to follow the lead.

So often though it turns out that the first few films are often the best and the followers get lost in the race for production rather than making something good, unique and worthwhile. The question will be is if this one can stand out from all the other children's fantasy series being made, or if it even needs to. After all, is there still room for more children's fantasy franchises?



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