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Clips 'n' Pics: Transformers, A Mighty Heart and Iron Man cast

IronMan.jpgThis must be clips and pics day for the marketing companies as clips galore arrive on the film sites. There's a raft for Transformers and A Mighty Heart as well a cool cast promotion photo for Iron Man that shows the cast trying to out-cool each other.

On the Iron Man photo I'm going to say that Jeff Bridges wins by a mile, and he should really consider staying bald with that ultra-cool beard. You can see the cast photo over at Superhero Hype.

Now, for the Transformers clips you can head to MoviesOnline and Coming Soon, between them they cover the clips released today for the film.

Then there's A Mighty Heart which has a couple of new clips, and mostly repeats of clips released before, online at Collider.



That cast photo of Iron Man looks uber kewl! I agree with you re: Jeff Bridges though. ;)


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