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Constantine 2 news

Constantine.jpgI want another Constantine film, and surprisingly, I want Keanu Reeves in it, but it seems that there's not such a rush to get one out there.

According to the Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventurait's a decision for the Warner Brothers Executives, but there is a lot of hope:

"I know all the filmmakers want to try to make number two. We love the character. We're hoping that we can find a way to make even, I'll say, a darker, harder version of it. We're not at that place yet where we really have the ability to get that done, but I know Keanu wants to play that and all of us think that there is a natural, new and darker adventure with Constantine."

Now that's a very positive comment from UK IGN, so there definitely is hope. However I think there's more to this than just getting the filmmakers, Keanu Reeves and the WB execs on board. They have to secure Peter Stormare as he was just stunningly delicious as Satan.

Have you got the desire for a Constantine sequel? I know I have.



There was a lot of bitching about Constantine, from the mainstream ("Its Matrix with daemons") to comic nerds ("Constantine is English, and has blonde hair, and Keanu sucks!")... and my own personal gripe, that retarded sidekick who was funny once on first viewing and from then on I wanted to brutally murder... but despite that, I agree. Keanu as Constantine worked for me, and a darker film (with less comic relief) would be brilliant (I'm fairly certain the fan edit of Constantine going around the 'net does this very thing, cuts the jokes to make it darker). Stormare was great too, I hope he's not the holdout.

As long as they don't announce its a sudden trilogy, I have absolute faith. One of the best comic films ever, IMO.

What you mean a trilogy because it's hot in Hollywood? Any series has to be a trilogy....or a multiple thereof. Yeah, make the films because there's something to say and something to be had, not to reach the magic three. Oh and make sure there's enough material for three as well - Pirates!

I thought Shia's comic relief was okay, because it was a lot more real than most sidekicks. It also helped put Constantine in a much darker light, and when he had to show some emotion the change seemed so much more. I think it helped me relate to the character without any emotion from him.

Anyway, I don't think Stormare is the holdout, I think it's Hollywood and the image of cash symbols.


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