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Costner says studios have it wrong

KevinCostner.jpgI've always thought that Kevin Costner was a good actor and had a great handle on cinema, but he often seems to pick some really strange career choices. His latest comments just reinforce the fact that he has a better handle on things than most studios.

"It's gotten so that people are green-lighting movies that have been thought halfway through, or judging a movie that's been out two weeks. You know how you've made a good movie? If, four years from now, someone pulls out your DVD and tells somebody, 'You've got to see this.' It takes time. You just have to be patient."

The quote comes from Starpulse News Blog. Wow, genuine insight and understanding from someone over in Hollywood. He's hit the nail on the head, and how come we all know it and the studio's don't seem to?

Making money on movies can be a quick weekend/first week thing, but the generation of revenue comes from the longer term, especially with the infiltration of home cinema and DVD players.

I sometimes wonder if the studios really do get this as they seem so focused on the opening figures, of getting the biggest and then announcing them everywhere. I wonder if you really are influenced by the facts and figures of opening weekends, of if it really becomes an industry only posturing thing?



It's nice to hear this. I've defended Costner for years against attack that he's a bad actor or he makes bad movies (a crock) or whatever.

I saw Mr Brooks last night and I thought it was pretty good. Won't enter my "best of" list for the year or anything, but it was decent. Better than the critics seem to be hitting it with.

Another Costner fan in the audience and I have to agree that Costner makes a great point.

It all goes back to the idea of instant gratification and not seeing past your own nose. Good to hear an actor I respect can see that.

I do feel that as time goes on I gain more respect for the man.

I'm not a Costner fan (I find him an incredibly bland actor), but I agree with what he has to say.

I think that studio execs these days feel too much pressure to pull in the big money that they choose crap over substance. Once in a while they take a chance and it works, but on those occasions a good flick doesn't pull in the cash then we get a string of crap. Then again, if the movie going public would stop watching the crap so much we might get more substance.

I am with Meli regarding his blandness as an actor- he has no range, he seems to always look and perform just as his last film.

But totally agree with his viewpoint there.


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