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Costner to develop online series Explorers Club

KevinCostner.jpgKevin Costner is producing, financing and starring in an online animated series called The Explorers Club. The series wll consist of twelve four minute segments. However it doesn't stop there.

After the online series has built a following the plan will be to create a live action traditional feature of the story, that is if the online series is a success and gathers an audience.

The Explorers Club series is created, written and directed by Chris Baird, Jon Baird and Keith Quinn, and is a collection of gothic stories that follow a group of Victorian adventurers as they travel to the unexplored regions of the world. According to Variety the first episode is to be called "A Passage to Shambhala".

Kevin Costner's plan is to head towards the full feature film, a film he has the first option of directing, as well as taking his voiced role to the big screen version.

It sounds an interesting concept and a great way to find out if an idea will work with an audience. What does strike me about The Explorers Club is that they are creating an online graphic novel to gather the audience and to be the source of the feature story. So they will be creating the graphic novel to inspire the story, although really they'll have already written the script.



It does sound interesting. See, I knew creativity still exists somewhere.


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