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Cronenberg's Eastern Promises trailer online

ViggoMortensen.jpgThe trailer for David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises has arrived online and it looks superb. There's no doubt that Viggo Mortensen is a stunning actor with an amazing physical presence.

What's probably most surprising is the accent of Naomi Watts, I don't know about you but it sounds really good. She's got it nailed down well.

Eastern Promises follows Nikolai, played by Viggo Mortensen, who belongs to one of London's most notorious organised crime families. His life is changed though when he is tasked to deal with a midwife called Anna, played by Naomi Watts, who has uncovered some potential damaging information against the crime family.

David Cronenberg directs the film that stars Mortensen, Watts as well as the equally amazing Vincent Cassel and Armin Mueller-Stahl. The cast sounds superb, and looks that way too on screen. I have to say I'm really excited about the film.

I'm really not a huge fan of Cronenberg, although his writing and directing is something special. Yet in his recent films he's taken a step towards the audience a little, and become a little less obscure, and with that step his films have become more accessible and at the same time, stronger.

To see the trailer have a look over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:Embed:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through AICN.



the trailer looks cool and naomi watts looks fantastic!

There's no doubt that Viggo Mortensen is a stunning actor with an amazing physical presence.

I still contend that Mortensen can not act to save his life - it hurts to say this because I loved him as Aragorn but I can not shake off that character since. I missed A History of Violence so can anybody tell me if his acting there has somewhat improved?

Simone, I didn't think he offered much in "Hidalgo" but I thought he was surprisingly good in "A History of Violence". I'd argue he's not the best part of the movie (Ed Harris, as always, was greatly overlooked in his small role) but he was pretty decent.

I think he has some surprisingly poor film choices, but he was excellent in Violence. No doubt about Harris being the best out of that film though.

MMmm...perhaps stunning was too strong a word.

MMmm...perhaps stunning was too strong a word.

LOL @ Richard. ;)

Marina, I agree with you on Hidalgo, as I was really disappointed with that one. There was this film that he did opposite Diane Lane before the LotR trilogy, A Walk on the Moon, has any of you seen that? But then again, it was more like a sexy film more than a showcase for his acting skills.

You really liked him as Aragorn...so much so that you can't shake that image from your mind? Sounds like he did a good job! If you think that Viggo can't act "to save his life," you're not really looking. Try "The Indian Runner," directed by Sean Penn and I think you'll be surprised. His performance in "A History of Violence" was nuanced and subtle. You have to pay attention. Viggo is certainly a "stunning actor with an amazing physical presence." You nailed it. Can't wait for September!

Yelwrose, first of all welcome to Filmstalker.

With all due respect, I feel that a good actor or should I say a REALLY good, and skillful actor should be able to take himself out of a particular role that when you see him in another film he's a totally different character. That was how I saw Mortensen after the LotR films, and yes, he fit the role of Aragorn perfectly but on hindsight having seen most of his films pre and post LotR (except Alatriste and A History of Violence, he doesnt have that range, yet - now that is my humble opinion of the man who I was once truly crazy about.

It's interesting to think that many of the big name actors, and the classic Hollywood actors both old and new, act this way. They play the same character again and again. Gene Hackman to Cary Grant.


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