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Crowe joins DiCaprio in Body of Lies

RussellCrowe.jpgRussell Crowe is set to join Leonardo DiCaprio in the film Body of Lies directed by the visually strong Ridley Scott. The story was adapted by the excellent talents of William Monahan from a novel by David Ignatius (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The story is about a CIA spy called Roger Ferris who had an almost impossible mission to get inside a terrorist network headed by a man simply known as Suleiman. To do this he plans an incredible ruse that dates back to British intelligence during World War II, he creates a web of lies to make it seems as though there's a traitor within the network itself who has allied themselves with the CIA.

According to Variety, Body of Lies sees Russell Crowe is set to play a manipulative CIA boss who teams up with Roger Ferris, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, to trap the terrorist leader.

I think this and 3:10 to Yuma are starting to mark a strong rise in Crowe's career, because let's be honest he hasn't been churning out fantastic performances of late has he? This looks set to turn it up a little though, great cast, strong story, and there's Ridley Scott and William Monahan, the writer of The Departed (Filmstalker review).



This is fantastic, Crowe and DiCaprio together!

I am really looking forward to American Gangster come November.


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