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Da Vinci Code faces religious prosecution

DaVinciCode_Poster.jpgMore religious madness as a Italian state attorneys begin investigations into the The Da Vinci Code (Filmstalker review) film and novel over allegations that it breaks Italy's Penal Code and is considered "obscene" on religious grounds.

The complaint comes from unnamed members of the Catholic clergy and names some ten people including Ron Howard and Dan Brown. If found guilty the story from Reuters through Yahoo News claims that each of the defendants could face a maximum of three years in jail and over one hundred euros fine.

It all sounds ludicrous and incredibly archaic. What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to these religious people seeing the film over a year ago? Why did they wait until now to raise the complaint, just as work is beginning on Angels and Demons?

Press, or just more over zealous religious control and anti-freedom of speech? Really though, how harmful is The Da Vinci Code film? Isn't it just pure entertainment? It's even harder to make something stick against it considering the ideas have been published in other books since the eighties.



Isn't that a tad too late now that the film has already been released?


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