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Dafoe and Neill join Hawke on Daybreakers

WillemDafoe.jpgWe already heard that Ethan Hawke was set to play a vampire in Daybreakers, but news is in that Willem Dafoe is to join him as battling vampires. Daybreakers, if you'll remember, had this very intriguing plot line.

The story was set in the future where everyone is a vampire and humans are being farmed like cattle but resources are running thin, and the vampires are desperately trying to find substitutes for blood. Then a group of vampires find a secret that just might save them all…

Through Starpulse News Blog Ethan Hawke says of the film:

"I'm going to make a vampire picture and I'm going to chew on some necks. Willem Dafoe and I are duelling vampires. It's a vampire movie set way in the future where everyone is a vampire and we're all eating our own resources, so we're trying to get off on foreign humans. We're trying to get off of trying to create blood substitutes. It's a big analogy about what's going on now. It's really dark and weird and everybody's sucking each other's blood."

It sounded like a great idea already, with the human farming being hinted at in Blade, and the fact that Hawke was on board lent more weight to it. Now that Dafoe is involved it and other casting has Sam Neill on board, it sounds even stronger, and with an undercurrent that isn't actually rooted in the vampire mythos, it's adding a lot of credibility to the story and making it more identifiable.



All I needed to hear to have me interested in this was Hawke, add Vampires and Dafoe and I'm pretty excited.


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