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Dallas drops another Director

JREwing.jpgThe last we really heard about the Dallas film, apart from cast had been dropped and the script was being rewritten because it was so bad.

Well now there's another interesting titbit on the Dallas production, it seems that the replacement director has been replaced. Gurinder Chadha came on board to replace Robert Luketic, but now it seems she's been dropped as well, if these comments from John Travolta are accurate.

"I'm meeting with a director I won't name and I think they (producers) want to start in the New Year."

The comment comes from WENN through Cinema Blend. If it is accurate then it means poor Gurinder Chadha is off the film and he's looking for another Director. So that's one entire cast down, one script down, and two Directors down. This is starting to sound like a soap opera itself.

Still, I don't see any interest in Dallas unless they go for pure drama on it, forget the original series and don't attempt a parody.



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