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Delirious trailer with Buscemi, Driver and Gershon

GinaGershon.jpgDelirious is a film I haven't really heard of before and that's a surprise since it stars Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Minnie Driver, Gina Gershon and even Elvis Costello. Did I already say Minnie Driver and Gina Gershon? Oh boy...that smile...

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes the trailer for Delirious is online and it's a rather surprising one. If you watch it you can see it ticking all the boxes, and it could well be a film that was made for someone like Hugh Grant in a Working Title comedy, but the cast promises something different.

The story is about a celebrity photographer that hasn't made it big. He befriends a homeless guy who wants to become an actor, puts him up, and lets him help out. One day he strays too far towards the celebrities and gets picked up by a big time pop star. They become involved, and well the trailer tells us the rest. He's seducedby the agent (Gershon, and who wouldn't be?) and promised a glittering career. She's heartbroken, and it looks like they finally get back together on the red carpet.

Still, it does look like it could be good with this cast. Have a look at the trailer over at Mad About Movies from the ultra cool Marina. Do you think it promises anything more than the usual?



Ultra cool? I'm flattered! :)


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