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Denise Richards turns edgy

DeniseRichards.jpgIt feels as though Denise Richards might well be trying to recover and reinvent her career, especially after appearing next to Pamela Anderson in Blonde and Blonder. Now she's set to appear in a film directed by Argentine filmmaker Alejandro Chomski, in what is described as an edgy drama.

According to Variety, A Beautiful Life will see the gorgeous Denise Richards hit familiar territory though, she's playing an exotic dancer, but everything else looks set to be stronger and much more story orientated. No dumb jokes or cheap thrills here it seems. She will star alongside Jesse Garcia, Dana Delany, Debi Mazar and Michael Madsen.

We've seen that there's talent there in other films, and more than just the obvious, but she continually seems to go for the poorer option and hit these Hollywood stereotypes of the roles that she should be playing. Perhaps this can help to move her away from the typecasting rut she's in?



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