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Dillon joins Travolta on Old Dogs

MattDillon.jpgMatt Dillon is in talks to join Old Dogs, the next film from Wild Hogs Director Walt Becker. Already the film is set to star Robin Williams, John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

It looks set to be a bit of a family outing for the Travolta's too, as Ella Bleu Travolta is set to star alongside her mother and father.

The Hollywood Reporter has an update on the plot. A divorced father of six-year-old twins and his friend and business partner are forced to look after them for two weeks. His friend is also a womaniser, and so you can imagine the havoc the kids will play on his life.

Matt Dillon is set to play the leader of the Summer Camp where the two men take the children, and with the typical misunderstanding set up, he believes that they are a gay couple. Robin Williams and John Travolta play the two men, so I wonder who is going to be the womaniser.



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