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Eli Roth delays Cell

EliRoth.jpgEli Roth has announced that he's taking a break from filmmaking and that the Stephen King film Cell will be much delayed, in fact until the middle of next year before any shooting even starts.

Cell was to be the next film he was working on, and just before Hostel: Part II came out problems started hitting him. The film was released online before it was released, and not just some camcordered version, but a proper transfer. Then, on released of Hostel: Part II, audiences stayed away and figures were poor.

So after international press promotion for Hostel: Part II he's calling it a day for a while.

"I'm going to take a long overdue break, since I've gone from one film to the next without stopping, just to recharge my brain a bit...

...I am not directing Cell any time soon, and I most likely will take the rest of the year to write my other projects. Which means I wouldn't shoot until the spring, and you wouldn't see a film directed by me in the cinemas until at least next fall."

The comments come through UK IGN.

Now perhaps I am reading too much into this, perhaps I'm not. If the break is because of these events then he should just keep going. I think he might find a better audience abroad for his film than he will in America as I feel this whole "torture porn" labelling is unwarranted. It's a move by obsessive compulsives to label something and at the same time make it seem seedy and almost illegal.

I'll wait until I see the film, but for me Hostel (Filmstalker review) was a clever and very strong thriller/horror. It worked a treat. I'd really like to see him progress onto films where the thriller aspect grows and the horror lessens, not altogether going, but just increasing the thriller and psychological aspect.

I think this is a terrible shame. Let's see what happens with the film internationally. Who knows, perhaps the break for Eli Roth will prove something very positive and bring out some exciting new projects.



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