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Evans wants more serious Fantastic Four

ChrisEvans.jpgChris Evans has been speaking out about The Fantastic Four films, and he's been quite honest about their lack of weight and the less than serious tone. It seems he wants them to change, and is promising it will for the third outing.

Chris Evans has said that there are a lot of people involved with the film and a lot with their own opinions, so it's tricky when all these opinions are fighting to be noticed. He says that they are getting there and everyone is making revisions. However his comments on what could be coming are the more interesting.

"I think I’d just like to see the characters grow up. I like to see them more mature. I think that we’re starting to see [with "Rise of the Silver Surfer"] that if we give these guys depth — if we don’t shy away from taking a more serious tone — it will still work, it will still be a family movie. We can make it real...I think that if this movie does ok and people respond with the appreciation of a more serious tone, hopefully [with] the third one we can inch closer to a legitimate cast and a legitimate film."

So he's after a film that we all want to see, something far more serious and darker, and yet still managing to be a family film. Well, a bit of a family film, not the kiddie friendly film we've seen in the first two outings.

In his comments over at MTV Movies Blog he has some other comments about one of his fellow actors

"Chiky [Michael Chiklis] does such a good job with The Thing...I think they should throw him a couple more bones with the plot and let him show some more depth [for part three]."

I think they could all do with some serious bucketfuls of levity. I've never really taken to the Four because of their childish appeal, but if they were to darken it more, bring more reality and seriousness to it, I could see myself being drawn in. Would you be?



It's nice to see that someone over there has an idea of what 'fans' want to see. I actually enjoyed the first two F4 films but I agree that I'd be a much happier girl with a film that is a little darker.

It's nice to see Evans is more than just a pretty face. He was, in my opinion at least, the best actor in F4:2 and I'd love to see him back for a third.

I assume this means that the studio is satisfied with the results and we'll be seeing a third.

Oh I'd have to disagree there...I love Chiklis and his role, but then I'm a fan of Chiklis from The Shield so perhaps I'm a little biased.

I think we'll see a third regardless, don't you?

Oh, so the 2nd film is worth seeing eh?


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