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Foster beats Proyas for Bond 22

MarcFoster.jpgMarc Foster is confirmed as the Director of the next Bond film, but was he the best choice for the role?

Variety has announced that Marc Foster will direct Bond 22, the rumour from last month.

Back then we heard that Alex Proyas was also up for the role. Now out of those two Directors who would you choose? Well of course they've chosen Foster, and they're sure to have a lot more reasons than we would know, but compare these films.

Proyas directed a film called Dark City, which I have a huge love for and think is an underrated classic. He's also shown he can be slick and Hollywood with I, Robot, and count in The Crow.

Meanwhile Foster has Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland and Stranger Than Fiction.

I'm not so sure, they are two very different Directors, and I think that Foster will offer a similar vein to the directors before, but Proyas? I think he would bring something darker and harder, something that maybe the developing character of this new Bond could bring.

What do you think? Was Foster the right choice?



The right choice. I had a feeling that Forster would get the job from the list, which had the other possible directors on it.

Wrong! Proyas all the way.


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